Hoang Gia Fish Sauce

When priceless traditional values are well-preserved by such a culinary passion, the purest fish sauce with the most authentic taste from the sea is born so that all diners can experience the utmost essence of true Hoang Gia Fish Sauce.

nuocmamhoanggia 01

Traditional Taste

The combination between premium anchovies and the famous Chi Cong salt at Binh Thuan sea with 3 fishes : 1 salt ratio, each drop of Hoang Gia Fish Sauce is different and unique.

nuocmamhoanggia 01

Viet Land Essence

Hoang Gia Fish Sauce is the pride and glory of the elite artisans who preserve the traditional method of making fish sauce and vow to keep from time to time as “Viet Land Essence”.

nuocmamhoanggia 01
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