Dive into Vietnam’s Agricultural Culinary Week with Hoang Gia Fish Sauce

From October 27 to 29, Hoang Gia had the honor of participating in the Culinary Week showcasing Vietnam’s agricultural products. This was not just an ordinary trade fair; it was an opportunity for everyone to embark on an exciting journey, exploring and experiencing the delicious flavors of the diverse traditional cuisine from all regions of Vietnam.

kham pha tuan le am thuc nong san viet nam cung nuoc mam hoang gia 2

With a large scale, the Culinary Week featuring Vietnam’s agricultural products attracted the participation of over 40 registered units from various provinces and cities nationwide. The main space of the event showcased and introduced traditional fish sauce products and Vietnamese spices, along with presenting the diverse culinary specialties of different regions connected with traditional fish sauce.

Simultaneously, the event served as a platform to introduce the culture and culinary values of traditional fish sauce, creating opportunities for these products, along with the cultural culinary products of Vietnam, to reach the international market. It also contributed to promoting and introducing Vietnamese culture to friends around the world.

kham pha tuan le am thuc nong san viet nam cung nuoc mam hoang gia 1

During this Culinary Week, Hoang Gia not only had the chance to introduce its high-quality traditional fish sauce products but also shared its passion and love for the unique cuisine of the country. An undeniable highlight of this event was the keen interest and appreciation shown by visitors for Hoang Gia’s fish sauce products. This brought joy and pride to the Hoang Gia brand.

kham pha tuan le am thuc nong san viet nam cung nuoc mam hoang gia

At the Hoang Gia booth, customers were not only fascinated by the meticulous craftsmanship of the product packaging but also praised the quality and the traditional fish sauce production process that met standards. The positive compliments and feedback from customers are indeed a tremendous motivation for Hoang Gia. We take pride in sharing our passion with everyone through the Hoang Gia fish sauce products, and we are committed to consistently maintaining and improving the quality of our products

Source: Vietnamplus

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