How is Fish Sauce classified as Traditional?

Traditional Fish Sauce consists of only two ingredients, which are anchovies and sea salt, incubated for 1.5 to 2 years. Despite different methods used, the entire process has no intervention of any other components.

Is Royal Fish Sauce Traditional Fish sauce?

We guarantee that our Royal Fish Sauce is Traditional Fish sauce.

Why does Traditional Fish Sauce change its color?

When opened and used, Direct contact with air along with changes in temperature will make fish sauce change its color and create salt residue at the mouth of the bottle.  This phenomenon is completely normal and does not affect the quality as well as the taste of fish sauce.

Why is Royal Fish Sauce too salty?

Of course it is salty because this is pure fish sauce, only anchovies and sea salt. If you would like to reduce the salty taste, you can add sugar or seasonings to suit your taste.

Why is Royal Fish Sauce too expensive?

When we came up with this idea, it was extremely daring and extremely anxious. It is the pinnacle of tradition, also the pinnacle of quality. We trust Our Valued Customers, hope Royal Fish Sauce will be forever in the heart of Vietnamese people.