Hoang Gia Fish Sauce Successfully Exported 2nd Container To Australian

Hoang Gia fish sauce has recently made a successful export of 2 containers to Australia, bringing the traditional flavor and purest purity from the sea. The fish sauce is brewed with a recipe of 3 anchovies to 1 salt for 1.5 years, resulting in 100% first press fish sauce with an irresistible taste. It contains all-natural ingredients with no shellfish, coloring, or preservatives, making it a top choice for Vietnamese women in every family meal.

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nuoc mam hoang gia xuat khau thanh cong sang thi truong australia nuocmamhoanggia.com .vn 1

Elevating the taste, hometown-standard dishes with Hoang Gia fish sauce

Hoang Gia fish sauce takes pride in preserving traditional methods of making fish sauce, and it’s known as the “Viet Land Essence.” The fish sauce is blended by experienced artisans using a centuries-old inherited process, resulting in a natural protein of 32 degrees. It undergoes a nearly 1.5-year aging and brewing process, producing the unique and premium Hoang Gia fish sauce.

nuoc mam hoang gia xuat khau thanh cong sang thi truong australia nuocmamhoanggia.com .vn

In addition to the high-quality ingredients, Hoang Gia fish sauce focuses on packaging, presenting the product in delicate paper boxes and brown wooden cases with luxurious logos. The overall design of Hoang Gia Fish Sauce exudes elegant and noble colors, making it a perfect gift for loved ones, showcasing the national essence of the country’s cuisine.

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With positive feedback from the Australian market, Hoang Gia fish sauce aims to reach even further and provide traditional products to those who are far from home. The products are now available in New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia, and the company hopes to expand to other countries in the future, allowing diners who love Vietnamese cuisine to enjoy the taste of Hoang Gia fish sauce easily.


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