Hoang Gia Fish Sauce Successfully Exported to the United States

Recently, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce held a product launch event in California and Texas, marking the successful export of its products to the US market. 

Dreaming of sharing traditional fish sauce with the world

Culinary traditions provide a unique window into the culture and history of a nation. When discussing Vietnamese cuisine, it is impossible not to mention fish sauce, a distinctive and flavorful taste that has been an integral part of Vietnamese people’s lives for centuries. Fish sauce is not just an essential ingredient in many Vietnamese dishes; it also symbolizes the deep love of the Vietnamese people for their traditional cuisine.

nuoc mam hoang gia xuat khau thanh cong sang my nuocmamhoanggia.com .vn

Driven by a profound passion for traditional fish sauce and the mission to bring this authentic flavor to international friends, especially the Vietnamese community living abroad, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce has worked to expand the product’s reach to different countries around the world. Introducing a rich and unique product like Vietnamese fish sauce to the world is no easy task; it requires patience and determination. After countless efforts and dedication, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce has had the opportunity to achieve a significant milestone – exporting its products to the U.S. market.

Successful export to the United States

Hoang Gia Fish Sauce chose the United States as its second target market for international product introductions, following Australia. With its cultural and culinary diversity, the U.S. has become a promising market for Vietnamese fish sauce. Specifically, the states of California and Texas were chosen as starting points for this journey.

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The product launch events in California and Texas garnered the attention and participation of both consumers and Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Hoang Gia Fish Sauce’s products were warmly welcomed by those who love Vietnamese cuisine and appreciate the unique flavor of Vietnamese fish sauce.

However, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce’s ambitions extend beyond the United States. Hoang Gia is committed to realizing the dream of bringing the traditional flavor of Vietnamese fish sauce to every Vietnamese family worldwide. This mission is a noble goal, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to savor the authentic and distinctive flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

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Hoang Gia believes that every Vietnamese family worldwide deserves to have Hoang Gia Fish Sauce as part of their meals. This is a way to preserve and express love for the origins and culinary traditions of the homeland.

If you are residing in California, you can find Hoang Gia Fish Sauce products at the Thuan Phat supermarket chain. In Texas, you can visit Chez Beignets Quan Ong Tre to purchase this product. This is just the beginning, as Hoang Gia Fish Sauce plans to open more retail locations across the United States and around the world.

Hoang Gia Fish Sauce is now available at Thuan Phat supermarkets in California and Chez Beignets Quan Ong Tre in Texas. Don’t miss the chance to own a Hoang Gia Fish Sauce product for yourself!

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