Hoang Gia Fish Sauce


Born from a passion for preserving and promoting the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce is more than just a condiment; it’s a premium culinary treasure and a meaningful gift from Vietnam.

With a mission to introduce Vietnamese culinary culture to the world, particularly to overseas Vietnamese communities and global enthusiasts, we aspire to bring you the purest and most authentic fish sauce.

The harmonious blend of premium anchovies and Tuy Phong local salt, meticulously aged using time-honored techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans, gives Hoang Gia Fish Sauce its distinctive and unparalleled flavor.

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The Meaning of the Hoang Gia Logo


Inheriting Tradition

A Legacy of Excellence: From ancient times, fine fish sauce has been revered as a precious gift, often presented to royalty. Today, Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce proudly carries on this legacy, upholding the essence of traditional craftsmanship to deliver a rich, authentic taste of the sea to your table.


Anchovies – The Gift from the Sea

The Tuy Phong coastline in Bình Thuận, home to a centuries-old tradition of anchovy fish sauce making, has witnessed countless historical transformations. Renowned for their exquisite flavor, Tuy Phong anchovies are highly sought after by travelers and merchants alike, contributing to the distinctiveness of Hoang Gia fish sauce.


The Pure Essence
of Salt Fields

Duong salt, a local ingredient vital to Hoàng Gia Fish Sauce, owes its perfect balance to the nurturing waters of the Chè Hai stream. Local salt farmers, with unwavering dedication and perseverance, transform seawater into these pristine crystals, imparting a distinctive flavor that defines Hoàng Gia fish sauce.


Fish Sauce Artisans – Guardians of Time-Honored Traditions

Our skilled fish sauce artisans play a pivotal role in crafting the distinctive taste of Hoàng Gia fish sauce. Drawing on generations of expertise, they meticulously apply time-tested techniques and unwavering passion to oversee the fermentation of each batch of anchovies. This results in a symphony of rich, complex flavours that capture the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

100% First Press Fish Sauce: The Essence of Traditional Fermentation

Hoang Gia fish sauce is crafted using only the purest first press extract, meticulously fermented for 1.5 years through time-honored methods. This unwavering commitment to quality guarantees the exceptional taste and aroma that define our fish sauce. As a result, our production is limited, ensuring each bottle captures the true essence of traditional fermentation.


Traditional Flavors
to a Premium Gift

More than just a seasoning, Hoàng Gia fish sauce is a thoughtful and elegant gift. Encased in luxurious brown paper and wooden boxes adorned with an elegant gold logo, Hoàng Gia embodies refinement and appreciation, making it a cherished token for loved ones, friends, and business partners.


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