How To Make Delicious Fish Sauce Dipping Clams

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Fish sauce dipping clams is perfect for cold days. The aroma from the pot of clams rising up with the fragrant dipping sauce will make everyone in the family from adults to children love it.

How to make delicious clam dipping sauce

1.1. Prepare materials

The ingredients used to make fish sauce dipping clams are easy to find in the kitchen. In the ingredients, there are kumquats that are not available in every kitchen. So, to make this dipping sauce, you need to prepare kumquats (can be substituted with lemons if you can’t find kumquats. However, the taste will be different).
Hoang Gia fish sauce: 2 tablespoons
• Boiled water to warm (30-40 degrees)
• Sugar
•Chili sauce
• Kumquat: 2 – 3 pcs

The amount of sugar and fish sauce can be balanced depending on the number of clams and total of people.

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1.2 How to make

Making fish sauce with clams is quick and simple. You can follow steps as below:
• Step 1: You prepare a small bowl, put sugar in it. Add boiling water to warm and stir until the sugar dissolves.
• Step 2: You put Hoang Gia fish sauce in the bowl and stir well
• Step 3: Finally, you add chili sauce and stir gently. As for the kumquats, you cut them into slices, remove the seeds, and then add them to the dipping sauce mixture. The taste of essential oil from kumquat will help the dish add more flavor, overpowering the spicy taste of chili sauce.
Hope with above instructions you can make delicious fish sauce dipping clams with Hoang Gia fish sauce.

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