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Hoang Gia Fish Sauce 750ml

From traditional flavors to premium gifts

In ancient times, delicious fish sauce was reserved for ’emperors and lords.’ However, today, when you present your loved ones with the premium Hoang Gia Fish Sauce, it means you are gifting them the essence of our national culinary heritage. This exquisite fish sauce, with its rich and royal flavor, is not just a culinary spice but also a gift of care, gratitude, and appreciation for those we love.

The Hoang Gia Fish Sauce wooden box product stands as the epitome of luxury. The meticulously crafted wooden box features an elegant and distinctive design, symbolizing tradition and heritage. It also embodies sophistication and conveys respect for the recipient.

Not only does it satisfy customers with its taste and quality, but it also excels in aesthetic appeal, with meticulous attention to every detail in the product packaging. It is a sophisticated gift to exchange on special occasions such as holidays, Tet, housewarmings, family gatherings, meetings with business partners, and an indispensable part of every kitchen.

Ingredients: Anchovy (75%), salt (25%)

Usage: Used for dipping, cooking and gifting

The traditional fish sauce has won the international award “Superior Taste 2023”.

Hoang Gia Fish Sauce has been honored with “The Superior Taste Award 2023 by the International Taste Institute (ITQT) in Belgium. The award is determined by a jury of professional taste experts, culinary associations, including world-renowned Michelin-starred chefs.

The outstanding Features of Hoang Gia Fish Sauce:

Limited Edition: Aged through a traditional 1.5-year method and meeting stringent international quality standards. Hoang Gia maintains a limited annual production, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Premium Ingredients: Exclusively sourced from fresh, large-scale anchovies that meet export standards and utilizing locally-sourced specialty salt from Binh Thuan to ferment and create the purest and most uniquely flavored drops of fish sauce with a rich and delicious aroma.

100% First Press Fish Sauce: We bottle only the very first  press drops of our essence-rich fish sauce, which are of the highest quality and richest. Eliminating the use of colorants and preservatives, preserving the century-old traditional taste.

Elegant Style: Presented in exquisite premium paper and brown wood boxes, featuring a luxurious gold-embossed logo, Hoang Gia Fish Sauce radiates an aura of sophistication and opulence. It captures the essence of our heritage, blending traditional flavors with a touch of modernity.

Packaging specifications

  • 750ml
  • Box of 10 bottles

Certifications: HACCP, ISO, FDA