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Meaningful Present 

Vietnam legend once had it that the best fish sauce was only presented to kings and queens. Fish sauce gifting therefore has been widely acclaimed as a quintessence of Vietnamese hospitality as this national essence represents not only a condiment but also care, love and true dedication. When presenting beloved ones with the premium Hoang Gia Fish Sauce, it means that you are giving the national essence of the Country’s cuisine

Authentic edition – 100% First Press

The combination between premium anchovies and the famous Chi Cong salt at Binh Thuan sea was blended by experienced artisans using centuries-old inherited process and underwent nearly 1.5 year aging and brewing process to produce the different and unique Hoang Gia Premium fish sauce.

Limited edition

Because only 100% first press fish sauce is bottled, Hoang Gia’s annual production is limited for the domestic market and overseas.

More than a familiar spice, Hoang Gia fish sauce is an unique and special gift for those who are always looking for something different