Hoang Gia Fish Sauce Has Been Honored With The Prestigious Superior Taste Award In Belgium

Recently, Hoang Gia fish sauce was honored with the “The Superior Taste Award 2023” by the International Taste Institute (ITQT) in Belgium. This is a great joy and pride for Hoang Gia fish sauce in particular and traditional Vietnamese fish sauce in general as it has won over the taste of international experts

The Superior Taste Award

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The Superior Taste Award is an award created specifically for food and beverage products from around the world by the International Taste Institute. This is a leading unit in the field of food appraisal, established in 2005, headquartered in Belgium, with the purpose of identifying and honoring products with superior quality. Products will be evaluated by more than 200 professional taste experts. Members are not only from chef associations but also from world-renowned Michelin-starred chefs

Strict evaluation process

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The jury board will use the “Blind Test” method – Each product sent to the Council will be assigned a code. All samples will be presented on standardized eating utensils (plates, bowls, cups …) to ensure a consistent analysis process and avoid any prejudice against the manufacturer. Each member of the jury will taste and evaluate independently on many criteria such as sensory, taste, color, smell… without knowing the name of the product. And the jury members will also be “completely silent” during the tasting process to provide the most objective evaluations.The award-winning product must exceed a minimum taste threshold of 70%.

Evaluation score scale

 The Superior Taste Award is inspired by the Michelin star rating system in cuisine and also includes 3 levels from 1 star to 3 stars: 1 star: The product is evaluated as good compared to the general level. 2 stars: The product has an excellent flavor. 3 stars: The product has a unique flavor

Hoang Gia fish sauce won the “The Superior Taste Award 2023”

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At this year’s competition, there were many products from many countries awarded the High Taste Award 2023. In the “Sauce” category, only 2 fish sauce units made it to the winning list. Among them, Hoang Gia fish sauce from Vietnam was honored with 2 stars and Mega Chef fish sauce from Thailand was awarded 1 star. The 2-star rating corresponds to Hoang Gia fish sauce’s flavor being ranked in the excellent flavor category by more than 200 professional taste experts

It can be said that the flavor of Hoang Gia fish sauce is a crystallization of pure ingredients from the sea. It is premium anchovy carefully selected from Tuy Phong sea and sea salt in Binh Thuan province. Through the hands of skilled artisans after a period of fermentation for 1.5 years, it will produce first drops of essence fish sauce (the first “ripe” drops with high quality and best taste) will be produced. In each fermentation tank, only one batch of standard first press fish sauce can be extracted in limited quantity, which is why Hoang Gia fish sauce is produced annually in limited quantity on the market. The fish sauce has an irresistible delicious taste, 100% natural without shellfish, coloring or preservatives. Therefore, it can be said that when enjoying Hoang Gia fish sauce, we are enjoying the best essence and beauty of an elaborate fish sauce-making process. 

The international award is an affirmation of the quality and value of traditional Vietnamese fish sauce in the international market, as well as recognition for the effort, position and reputation of Hoang Gia fish sauce over the years. In the future, Hoang Gia fish sauce will strive even more to bring the taste of traditional fish sauce to the international level and become one of the top choices for discerning diners.”

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