Story of Hoang Gia fish sauce in Australia

After more than a month of launching in Sydney, Hoang Gia fish sauce has received positive feedback from the Vietnamese community in Australia. Hoang Gia is considered as one of the traditional and meaningful gifts given to relatives, family and partners during this Lunar New Year in 2023.

Let’s check how customers have shared their feedback after trying Hoang Gia Fish Sauce from the links below.

Customers in New South Wales can now buy directly from official distribution locations in Cabramatta or Bankstown (Retailer List). Or contact Hotline 0478 807 907 for any further inquiries. Retailers in Victoria will be updated as soon as possible in upcoming weeks.

Australian product launch ceremony

VFTV – Vietnamese taste

VFTV –one story everyday – Phan Nguyen Khang

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